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Your greatest triumph... [entries|friends|calendar]
Romance Letters Of The 21st Century

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[10 Apr 2006|03:17pm]

Dear Baby,

Everything is a wreck and I love you more than life. Never forget that. Ever.

Always & Forever,
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[10 Feb 2006|11:29am]

[ mood | missin' you, 'til you get back ]

I know you were being sarcastic when you said that I only love you because you're a great lay. But, here's a short (by no means complete, mind you) list of the other reasons...

+ You always know how to make me laugh, even if it IS with something disturbing ;-)

+ The way you make me feel all warm and fuzzy when you kiss me goodnight

+ How cute you are when you get all excited about something (including but not limited to: Star Wars, cars, firearms, video games, computer stuff, and llamas)

+ How you get all sarcastic and silly when you're tired...or hyper...or trying to get a reaction out of me...

+ You're fond of my ass, even if I'm not

+ You're sweet.

+ You're sexy. Enough said ;-)

+ Even if you don't want to hear about it, you tolerate my ranting about female issues

+ You somehow put up with my schizophrenic/bitchy moments (I may be a bitch, but baby, I'm YOUR bitch ;-) )

+ The way you practically beg me to spend time with my camera ;-)

+ You're always there for me

+ Your sense of adventure (so, how about that kitchen table?)

+ You play guitar, and you're talented. And that's hot. :-)

+ You understand the vast majority of my obscure references (42!)

+ You don't mind when I sprawl on top of you ;-)

+ You share my fondness for cake...and various uses thereof
+ see also subheadings "whipped cream, chocolate syrup and/or frosting, strawberries"

+ No matter what I'm wearing, how bad I feel and how much of a mess I think I am, you still find me attractive
+ subheading: "you still want me even if I'm wearing my old t-shirt and sweats as PJs...and want to talk me out of them ASAP ;-)"

+ You're completely fine with it if I want to sleep naked ;-)

+ You're not controlling - you don't tell me what I can and can't wear, who I can and can't talk to, and you don't make me tell you when and where I'm going every time I go out (I know, this issue hasn't come up, but one of my friends has a boyfriend who's like that, and watching her deal with it has made me incredibly thankful that you're not like that *kiss*)

+ You can BBQ ;-)

+ You always remind me that everything will be alright, and you're one of the few who can get me to stop being a spaz when things get rough

+ You can outwit, outsmart and disarm me, but never really piss me off

+ You can be such a dickhead, and it's amusing :-)

+ The way you purr when I pull you close

+ The way we can ask each other anything

+ You share your knowledge with me, and never make me feel stupid for not knowing something (thanks to your advice, my aim is improving, and I hit my first bulls-eye :-D )

+ You're willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy in bed ;-)

+ Two words: Lynyrd Skynyrd ;-)

+ Those sweet mornings when we have time to ourselves...*kiss*

+ The way you tell me to go back to bed if I'm up too early for your liking

+ The way you curl up with me on the couch and watch movies with me ;-)

+ And yes, you're a great lay. *kiss*

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. ;-)

I love you, babe.

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Ever as dramatic, Ever still in love. [22 Jan 2006|12:11am]


Our last meeting on your leave was during New Year's. 'Twas nothing short of what I was expecting, darling.
But we are both so scared. So trapped. What can we do? You've broken down again, but this time --
I wasn't there. And I'm sorry. I miss you too much sometimes, I know.
I've written you a letter everyday since New Year's. Just my thoughts on how this world should be,
How we should be.

But it can never be a happy ending, not with the lives we lead.
I'll keep hoping, though. Maybe one day you'll come home for good.

Until then, we'll always have our memories.

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[26 Dec 2005|11:12pm]

Hey Guys!

I have started a community that is for venting. You can talk about anything you feel like. You can scream and cry. We're here to be supportive and listen to what is said. You can comment on someone else's post and tell them what you think as well. You could even make friends. But in order for me to keep the community up and running, I am really going to need some members. There is no application. All you do is join and start venting. Thank-you for taking time to listen to me. I hope you all have a magnificent night!

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[16 Dec 2005|10:49am]
I want you to know I just watch you, look at you, nothing more.

If you are reading this, I just watch you from afar, never sharing my secret feelings, never saying even so vague a thing as hello to you. I just love you, miss you, and watch you from afar.

I read your journal, I look at the pictures of you, of your friends, of the life you feel so much pain an angst from. I just read though, just look, just think about you, about your sweet face in the picture with your sister, your friend, your pet. It’s just in my mind that we are more, just in my mind that we touch, hold, fuck, love.

I want to lash out at him, when you write how he hurt you, I want to rage, to make them stop treating you like a child, to solve the problems you so obviously struggle beneath. I want to be the knight who slays the dragon, saves the princess. But I am nothing, a freak, a creep, a loser, so I do nothing, just watch, and think, and hope.

I adore you, you see, crave you, need you, the fix of you, your sweet innocent self that will fix this thing in me, this sick sad part of me that just watches you, at the school, in the parking lot, smoking, talking, getting on the bus, waiting for a ride, the way you brush the hair from your cheek, the way you smile, self-conscious, your way.

You are so very perfect for me.

I just watch you my darling, at night, through the gauzy haze of the curtain, as you stretch, do homework, talk on the phone, get undressed, touch yourself. It’s my need, you see, the love light you bring out in me that makes me watch, just watch, not touch, not climb in through the window and profess my endless adoration, not take that silky flesh, not fill you with my seed, not share the greed of my lust for you, my innocent, harmless desire to take you away from the pain of your suburban prison, to be with me, forever, in ecstasy.

I know you would be better off, happier, I’ve heard you tell her, on the phone, late at night, crying, when you trust her as I long for you to trust me. I hear you, hear your pain, and I know if you only knew how I felt, if you only knew me, knew I existed at all, that we could be happy.

But I do nothing, I am so weak, I just watch.
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